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Randy Janssen
03-20-2013 6:47:52 AM CST
To Mr. Stein; If you have proof of animals being injured in Charreada, send it to me and I will post it. Proof is not unsubstantiated ranting from someone who has never been to a Charreada. It is pictures or videos of injuries in the lienzo. You can see live Charreada on Spanish TV or charroup (dot) com. You can also see videos of complete Charreada if you google livestreamdecharros. I want you to watch it so you will see that Charros and Charras are good people who would never intentionally hurt animals.

Al Stein
03-19-2013 7:20:17 PM CST
Randy- It is impossible to have a rational conversation with you because you have forced yourself to beleive your own lies. Better we should rope and drag a despicable, lying, cowardly creep like you

Randy Janssen
03-18-2013 5:55:00 AM CST
To gail; if you have proof of animals being injured in Mangana, put it here. Proof is not unsubstantiated ranting by someone who has never been to a Charreada. It is videos and pictures of the animals being injured in a lienzo. You can see Charreada live on Spanish TV or the Internet. I want you to watch because you will see that Charros and Charras are good people who would never intentionally hurt an animal.

03-17-2013 7:57:19 PM CST
why would anyone want to do this as a sport? and how can anyone claim that it does not hurt the horses? that would be like someone roping you around your legs and jerking the rope and making you fall as hard as possible on your back or neck or head. Anyone who does this is not a real man,,they are like little boys who think they have found something cool to do. This is nothing more than animal cruelty and anyone who does it should be thrown in prison

Randy Janssen
03-15-2013 4:17:28 AM CST
To Linda. If you have proof of horses being seriously injured in Mangana post it here.. Proof is not unsubstantiated ranting by someone who has never been in a lienzo. It is videos or pictures of horses hurt in a lienzo. You can watch Charreada on Spanish TV or the Internet. I want you to watch it so you will see that Charros and Charras are good people who would never intentionally hurt an animal. Also catching horses by their legs has been part of animal husbandry for over 400 years. It is legal it all 50 states for veterinarian care and ranch work. So it should be part of a celebration of ranch work. Charreada is art based on traditional ranch work.

03-14-2013 11:32:07 PM CST
There is no reason for this except cruelty to horses. Why don't you idiots run the edges of the ring yourself and try it? SHow me that please.

Randy Janssen
02-27-2013 10:20:24 AM CST
More people then usual are visiting my Mangana web page. The same thing happened when Org., Col., and Nev., refused to pass anti Charro legislation. No state has passed anti Charro laws since I put up the page. Now that Nev. is looking at outlawing mangana and cola, again, I was contacted by some of the Nev. legislature. Apparently the proponent of the laws is saying that the anti Charro laws in other states has not stopped Charreria. I pointed out that the only State that has banned both is Nebraska. I also pointed out that the Charros in Nebraska, have to Charrear in Iowa. I also said that every time a State passes anti Charro legislation, it validated the Ar fanatics depiction of Charros as being cruel and barbaric. That is why I started the page in the first place. Cruel and barbaric is what Thelia Williams said about Charros to get the Ariz. anti Charro laws passed. I know that Charros are "gente de caballo" who would never intentionally hurt animals. Charros certainly would not continue doing mangana, if most of the horses die, like the fanatics say. That is why the Charros need to stop the passage of new laws against Charreada and why they should mount an effort to change the laws in the states have passed anti Charro legislation. To dispel the myth of Mexicans as being cruel and barbaric and stop the discrimination against their culture.

Charros de Bejar
10-13-2012 10:52:47 AM CST
The National Charro Finales from Zacatecas, starts on October 16. It will be broadcast live on decharros(dot)com. If you have never seen Charreada, the precursor of the American rodeo, you should watch. If you are an animal rights activist, you should watch and you will see that if you use healthy animals and the contestants know what they are doing, the danger to the animals is minimal.

Randy Janssen
09-05-2012 6:05:24 AM CST
We had a great time at the National Finals USA, in El Paso. The lienzo was made of West Texas Rock and very attractive, with the Franklin Mountains as a back drop. Francisco “Pancho” Flores did a spectacular Mangana, standing on his horse doing Florero, while they passes the horse. He drops into the saddle to make the catch. We had lunch with Sr. Castillo, who was the announcer. He has been a Charro since 1950. He was given the golden spur, for his work with Charreria. He is a very Interesting man. He was born in Mexico City, but learned to be a Charro in Guadalajara. He now lives in Washington State, where he helped start 14 Charro teams. He is a wealth of information about the nuances of Charreada. Looking forward to the National Finals in Zacatecas.

Randy Janssen
08-19-2012 2:55:49 PM CST
I went by El Bajio last night to watch the Coleadero. Couple of hundred people there with twenty or thirty doing colas. Kids running around having fun. It was great to see the Charro families working together.My hat is off to Arnulfo Duran and the Brothers Rodriguez. They are people who are generous with their time and talent for the betterment of Charreria.

Randy Janssen
08-01-2012 5:47:26 AM CST
There will be a live transmission of Charreada from Pachuca Mexico on DeCharros.com, beginning August 2 and continuing through August 5. You can see some of the best Charros of Mexico doing all the events of Charreria, including traditional mangana, or what the uninformed call horse tripping. Transmissions will be at 12, 4 and 8 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday there will be two Charreadas at 12 and 4. Watch at least one and you will see why we say Charreada is ” Rodeo with Style”.

Randy Janssen
07-30-2012 5:56:39 AM CST
Watched the 3:30 Charreada on DeCharros.com. 4 teams. Cala was excellent with two 40’s and one 39. 3 teams got one Pial and Juan Soltero got 2. 35 out of 36 colas caught. Bull Riding, Bronco Riding and Terna were excellent. In fact everything was excellent then it moved to fantastic when Juan River did his second mangana. He caught his first mangana, than in his second he did a move that I don’t know if I can describe. He had the rope at his ankles stepped into the loop, swung it around his leg, stepped out and stepped in with his other foot, to continue the rope moving in a circle. He stepped out and then he caught the mangana. The crowd erupted with applause. Even though he missed his third mangana, it took 10 min., to pick up all the hats and boots. More live Charreada on DeCharros.com. This time from Pachuca Mexico beginning Aug. 2 until the 5th. You just have to see it to believe it. By the way, no animals hurt, even though I saw 10 horses caught and taken down in mangana.

Randy Janssen
07-27-2012 7:55:32 AM CST
Another live transmission of Charreada from Mexico on decharros.com This time from the Villa Guadalupana. If you want to see traditional Charreada including mangana, watch on decharros.com.

Randy Janssen
07-21-2012 5:16:56 AM CST
The 4 o’clock Charreada on DeCharros.com, was fantastic. The stands were full and the Charros hot. 5 Piales caught and the Pialiador from 3 Potrillos made 3. A lot of points made in cola. No animals hurt. You always hear of tails being pulled off in cola, but I have never seen it happen. If you use healthy animals, you should not have a problem. The Escaramuza, Las Amazones, was fast. If you blinked when they broke out from the circle, you missed it. The fan flew around the arena. Just marvelous. The 1st Ternador from 3 Potrillos, would spin his horse almost as fast as a calador. The 1st ternador from San Bernaldo backed up his horse like in Cala while doing florero and then roped the bull. Very neat move, which I had never seen before. Since the tournament began, I have seen 29 captures in mangana. 3 were done by the manglador a caballo for the Charros Tracomsa and 1 by a 15 year old Charro , who may get into the Charro Completo competition. By the way, I have not seen any horses hurt in mangana. The semi finals are today, 12, 4 & 8. They should be great

Randy Janssen
07-20-2012 6:34:05 AM CST
Had too many clients to see much yesterday on DeCharros.com. Had to take my granddaughter to practice with her Escaramuza at night. Did see the last teams mangana, for 12 o’clock Charreada, but my secretary interrupted. The first two pasadors made the jump. Something interesting, the helpers backed off so the horse bucked out. I have seen this before in this Charreada, which makes me wonder if you get more points for ridding the horse while it bucks. I looked at the rules on mundocharro, and did not see anything. Let me know what you think. Don’t miss Charreada from Mexico at 12, 4 & 8 on DeCharros.com. The finals are this weekend. Should be some great Charreria.

Radny Janssen
07-19-2012 5:22:26 AM CST
Finally saw 2 piales caught yesterday, on DecHarros.com. Probably more caught, but I did not see them. Piales is catching the back legs of a running mare, and bring it to a stop. You have to let the rope pass around the horn. The smoke from the saddle horn is impressive. You have to let the rope pass through your hand slow enough to bring the horse to a stop, but not so slow as to make the horse fall. If you grab the rope too hard, you can have your hand pulled into the saddle horn. In that case you can lose a thumb or fingers. They say, you can tell a real pialeador, by shaking his right hand. The Escaramuzas at 12, put on great exhibitions. Both teams scored over 300. One of the bull riders bucked out backwards. One of the mangladors lost 3 points, because the horse left the wall when he dropped it. He made a good catch on his next try. Paso de Muerte, is when you jump from your galloping horse onto a bucking mare, which is just that, the horse with no means of control. The mare is being pushed by three helpers. You have to ride the mare until you can get off without falling. You can get extra points if you grab the ear or you swing your leg over the horse’s head. You also can get killed if you miss hit the wall and are trampled by the three horses pushing the mare. In the first paso, the rider jumped, but was a little too far from the mare. He tilted to the left, but somehow he got up and rode the horse until he got off. I was sure he would fall. Don’t miss more Charreada, on DeCharros.com at 12, 4 and 8.

Randy Janssen
07-18-2012 11:42:31 AM CST
Had my grandchildren with me yesterday. The two young ones had to swim and took the oldest to practice with her Escaramuza. Did not get to watch Charreada on DeCharros.com. Bringing lunch in, so I can watch it in my office, if my clients will leave me alone. Remember DeCharros.com has Charreadas at 12, 4 and 8. Don’t miss it. For the AR fanatics out there, watch it, so you can see that Charros and Charras are good people who would not intentionally hurt animals.

Randy Janssen
07-16-2012 5:14:44 AM CST
Saw a great Escaramuza, called Pinotepa , on DeCharros.com, yesterday. They did a transition from a Cross to an Escalera that was very exciting. Also they had a move from a Gero, to a Cross, that would knock your socks off. Too bad, but no piales caught in the same Charreada. As expected the florero was great. I spoke too soon in my post yesterday; a mangalador was hit by a horse. He was down for a while, but then he got up and finished the suerte. One tough guy. There were a few glitches when the internet, lost the transmission of the third terna. Can’t really complain though. I was watching on a 50 inch TV while sitting on my own couch. After so many cement benches, this is great.

Randy Janssen
07-15-2012 6:29:36 AM CST
I was watching the Charreada in Acapulco yesterday, on DeCharros.com. A mangalador, was on foot and catching the horse with the rope around the neck. When he caught the horse, he would then drop on his back to bring the horse down. He caught the first two, but on the third try, he only caught one leg. He ran forward, but he tripped. My first though, was he could get hurt, but the announcer calmly said, this cost him points because he lost his hat. Too bad because he did some great florero. I really admire, a mangaldor on foot, because he has to be able to do his florero, while three men chase a horse around the lienzo, toward him. One misstep and he could be run over by any or all of the four horses. You have to really trust the guys helping you and have nerves of steel.

Randy Janssen
07-14-2012 9:14:59 AM CST
watched the live broadcast of Charreada on DeCharros.com. As they said, it was a test, so there were some glitches. All and all, it was pretty good. Like most Charreada, there were dead spots that should be tightened up. That is because the competition in being held in a soccer arena with a temporary Lienzo. If you have never seen Charreada, you should watch. For those of you who are Animal Rights advocates, you will be able to see, that the animals might get bounced around a little, but then they get up and trot away. You will see that livestock are not pets. They are pretty tough. Remember, before we had cars, horses, were the primary mode of transportation. They pulled the guns for Lee and Grant, the hunted with the Sioux and Cheyenne. They faught with Villa. I admire their strength and it really pisses me off when the AR fanatics make them out to be wimps.

Randy Janssen
07-05-2012 12:45:22 PM CST
A Charro competition, named “Triangulo de el Sur”, will be broadcast live on decharros dot com. It starts on July 13 and will run until July 22. It will be announced in both English and Spanish. Please support Charreria by watching.

Randy Janssen
07-05-2012 5:53:55 AM CST
To Becky K. The black horse mentioned on the home page that was caught on the gravel road was my saddle horse until he was 17 or 18. At that age he was a little gentler, so I bought a new three year old and let some girls ride him in the Escaramuza. We don’t use our own horses in roping events, because we are ridding them. The horses used by charros are rented from brokers, who buy and sell horses. They get them from auctions. The horses go to auction for three main reasons. The owners can’t afford to feed them, they are dangerous or they are ugly. Their heads are too big, their chest too small. They are knocked knead. After they are used in the Charreada, they are returned. If they are injured, the Charros have to pay for them. This can run anywhere from $800.00 and up. We had to pay for a bucking horse recently. It was killed when it flipped backwards. That cost over $1,000.00. After you pay the broker, then you have to pay the rendering plant to pick up the horse, since the broker, will not pick up a horse he cannot resell. If the Charros killed all the animals, the AR fanatics claim, they would be bankrupt. If you look at the Winnemucca video on YouTube, you can see where the corrals were videoed. We want people to come and if they like take pictures and videos. There is a sign at the San Antonio Charros, saying you can’t video or take pictures, but I have never seen it enforced. It went up, because the people, who tried to video, went around like a bunch of arrogant Anglos, almost screaming about how the animals were being abused. So if you don’t act like you a 13 year old, with a chip on your shoulder, you should not have a problem.

Becky K
07-04-2012 11:33:05 AM CST
I have a few questions that maybe you can clarify. Where do you source the horses used in the events from? Are they horses already destined for slaughter? What is done with the horses at the end of the season? Do any of the horses and cattle used receive veterinary care and if someone were to visit an event would they be allowed to walk around the holding pens to see if animals have sustained injuries? Lastly, if there are so few injuries as you claim, would you allow your personal saddle horses to be used as the stock being roped? Thank you.

D mcgrathde ortiz   mcgrathd3232yahoocomm
06-18-2012 2:51:51 PM CST
MY MAME IS DAVID M AND I LIVE IN NORTHERN CALI. Charriada is alive here. if all people are are truthfull there are problems with coleaderos and pialaderos When piales iS DONE CORRECT FEW INJURIES HAPPEN .In COLEADEROS THE ABILITY OF THE HORSEMEN IS BELOW THE CALIBUR OF THE TRUE CHARRO .The HORSEMAN LACK TRAINED HORSES AND ONLY HAVE SUCCESS WHEN THE CATTLE ARE TIRED. AT All Charriadas that i supply cattle for accidents occur but are rare .. THE WORST is when the cattle are not fresh Thats when you loose the tails cause the cattle learn to set and brace against the pull. I AM NOT MEXICAN i am Hispanic and i love Charriada Funny thing my people are galleros chicken fighters but i dont like chickens. I would like to remind the haters of Charriada CALIFORNIA was mexico as hispanic i claim the right to live CHARRIADA and i live now on a old mexican land grant. next please remember that 14 million hipanics californians will changee the U S A with our legal vote. POLITITIONS say as california goes the U S A. BEDIGAS A TODOS DM

Randy Janssen
05-31-2012 4:26:36 PM CST
To Ms. Blood; If you have proof of animals being injured in Charreria, send it to me and I will post it. Proof is not unsubstantiated ranting by someone who has never been in a lienzo. It is pictures or videos of animals in injured during Charreada. You can find Charreada broadcast live on the internet and Spanish TV. I want you to watch, because you will see, Charros and Charras, working with their families to preserve a beautiful tradition. These are good family people who would never intentionally hurt an animal. So don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Find out what the truth is.

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