There have been a number of people who proclaim Anglo innocense in horse tripping. They have also denounced the Mexican culture for charros performing mangana. The truth is, cowboys do it too. Here is a video of cowboy horse tripping put out by the Humane Society.

While the Humane Society says that the investigators have a hard time watching, the spectators seemed to enjoy the sport. I guess some people are a little bit harder then others. That is a good thing too. If everyone was too soft hearted, Doctors could not do surgery, Nurses could not give shots to crying children. Policeman could not shoot criminals.

The fact is, this video supports the position that capturing a horse by its front legs, is a legitimate means of capture. Every state that has banned mangana, allows the capture of horses by their legs by veterinarians. That is because even veterinarians know that sometime it is the only way to catch a wild horse.